Before You Vote...

Before you vote, here's what you need to know about Young Kim:

Young Kim is a Tax Cheat

  • Kim illegally claimed a $7,000 annual homestead tax exemption on a house she wasn’t even living in for four years. (1)
  • Kim failed to pay property taxes multiple times and owed over $10,000 in unpaid federal income taxes. (2)
  • Kim took illegal contributions from high-level Chinese nationals connected with the Chinese Communist Party in 2020. (3)
  • Kim pocketed $1.2 million in taxpayer-funded salary and benefits. She took taxpayer-funded per diem on days she didn’t even show up to work and double-dipped with additional “consulting” payments. (4)

Young Kim is Too Extreme

  • Young Kim voted NO on H.R.3755 – Women’s Health Protection Act of 2021 which would codify the constitutional right to an abortion.(5)
  • Young Kim voted NO on H.R.8373 – Right to Contraception Act. (6)
  • Young Kim voted NO H.R.7910 – Protecting Our Kids Act which would raise the age to purchase a semi-automatic weapon from 18 to 21, ban the sale of large capacity magazines, crack down gun trafficking, and outlaw bump stocks. (7)
  • Young Kim voted NO H.R.8 – Bipartisan Background Checks Act of 2021 (8)